Call Senator Favola NOW at 703-835-4845 and tell her you vehemently oppose SB 104 and demand she withdraws the pre-filed bill.


Senator Favola has pre-filed a bill (SB 104) for the 2020 Virginia legislative session that allows your minor child (any child under the age of 18 - that means even a 6, 8 or 10 year old!) to receive vaccinations WITHOUT your consent or knowledge. She also wants to deem your minor child an adult for the purpose of accessing or authorizing the disclosure of medical records - which means your child can keep their medical records from you. 

This bill is not about whether you choose some, all or no vaccinations. This bill is solely about taking away YOUR parental rights. 

Read the pre-filed bill here (note the highlighted #5):

STEP 1. Call Senator Favola NOW at 703-835-4845, and then email her at  

and tell her you oppose this tyrannical bill. 

STEP 2. Find your legislators HERE and contact them as well. 

STEP 3. Look at the section below to find out what else you can do to stop this gross government overreach.


Senator Favola believes that the government knows our children better than we do. She thinks our minor children are capable of making potentially life-altering medical decisions on their own - without our knowledge or our consent. 

If our minor children do not have the maturity and understanding to make informed choices about the consumption of alcohol, the use of cigarettes, to vote or to gamble, how are they supposed to have the  knowledge and wisdom to fully understand the benefits vs. risks that come with all medical procedures including vaccinations? The answer is that they simply cannot. Without that understanding, they cannot give informed consent. 

JUST IMAGINE-  Your child receives a vaccination without your knowledge or consent and starts having an adverse reaction.  How will you be able to get them the care they need when you are missing crucial information?

Parents alone are responsible for the care of their minor children. All decisions regarding their care should be ours. The government has NO business parenting our children. 

If we let them take our parental rights on this issue, what will be next? 


 The liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education and care of their children is a natural right given to us by our maker. The government does not own us. The government does not own our children. We, the parents, are their guardians.

JUST IMAGINE - Your child has a reaction to a vaccination they receive without your consent or knowledge. Who will pay for their medical care?  Not Senator Favola. Not the Virginia Government. You will. You "the parent" will be solely responsible even though you did not consent.  Ask Senator Favola if she will personally pay your child's medical bills if they suffer an adverse reaction, because she came between you and your child.


Even though reported adverse reactions to vaccinations are uncommon, there is a risk. As evidence of this the United States Government has paid out over 4 billion dollars of taxpayer money since 1986 to those injured or killed by vaccines.

Where there is a risk, there must be a choice.  That choice belongs to the parents. 

Fellow Virginians, it is our moral obligation to fight tyranny. This bill is a gross overreach by our government. Let them know we will not stand for this. Act now. 



The Virginia Legislative session is one of the quickest in the country. It begins on January 8, 2020.
Bills are pushed through for vote at an alarmingly fast rate. You must take action TODAY if we want to preserve our parental rights! 

Similar bills like this have been passed in other states. Don't think it can't happen to us in Virginia. 

We must act swiftly if we want to preserve our rights. 



We must all do our best to inform other parents of this tyrannical bill. Most of us are so busy with our daily commitments that we simply are not aware of what our government is doing and of the rights they are trying to take from us.  

We challenge you to share this information with 20 people - talk to your friends, neighbors, parents at your child's school or activities, or your church members.  And then challenge them to share with 20 more people!  

All it takes is a quick five minute conversation. You can even have this conversation with the person behind you while you wait in the grocery store check-out line. It doesn't take long!  

Download the flyer HERE to hand out to the people you speak to.



Call, email and write your legislators now. They must hear from all of us in order for them to get the message that we will not tolerate this tyrannical, government overreach!

Don't think because you are one person that you won't make a difference. EVERY person that they hear from will count. Take five minutes and call them NOW. 

You can even set up a meeting with your legislator and voice your objection in person. Remember, they are public servants and we are their employers. It is their job to hear what we have to say!  

Find your state legislators and their contact information here:



Print and share THIS informational flyer to quickly communicate to as many people as you can that Senator Favola is anti-parental rights and anti-liberty! 

Challenge yourself to hand out as many as you can.  It is going to take a grassroots effort to get this information out quickly and widely. 

TIP - Keep a bunch in your car to have on hand whenever the moment arrises to inform another parent.  

IDEAS - Give them to the cashier at the drive-thru, to the check-out clerk at retail store,  to your bank teller, and to the parents at your child's dance class. You get the idea. There are dozens of opportunities to inform other unaware parents each day. 



Spread the word while you drive! 

Think of how many people see your

car everyday. 

Write the simple message "Senator Favola wants to take your parental rights" on your back window using liquid chalk markers (found at craft stores) or on Amazon HERE

Underneath that message 

write our website address

so that people can come here to get more information. 



We all know the power of social media for quickly distributing information - so let's use it! 

Share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube with the hashtags #VaParentalRights and #noSB104. Be sure to tag all your legislators and Senator Favola in your posts too!  Let's make sure she hears that we will not allow her to take our parental rights.

Senator Favola is on Twitter HERE

and on Facebook HERE

Check the DOWNLOADS page to get graphics to share on social media. 

Be sure to follow Virginia Parental Rights on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER to stay up-to-date. 



Think about ways you can reach as many people as possible. 

Taking an ad out in the local newspaper is one way to reach many parents in your community. 

You can also write an opinion piece for your newspaper. 



Utilizing community forums is another quick way to reach many parents. 

If you are on Next Door or on a HOA email list - that would be a great place to share.  Send them to this website for information and call to actions. 



Work with a friend and go door-to-door and canvas your neighborhood. Deliver THIS informational flier and inform your neighbors. 

Are there any big public events happening near you - attend with a friend and see how many fliers you can each pass out.